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Transformed by the Word with Debora Barr

Debora Barr

Discover the joy and peace of living life the way God intended for you. You were created with unique gifts and talents and purpose that can be discovered and lived out every day. Debora Barr will share the treasures she has learned from more than 15 years of life-transformation. This podcast is for Christians and non-Christians alike so you can experience the joy and peace that infuses your entire life when you begin to live out your purpose God’s way. Learn from Debora whose life was completely transformed when she began to study the Bible and apply what she learned in the Scriptures to different areas of her life. She has been helping others discover the life-transforming power of the Word for more than 10 years and will share these nuggets of wisdom with you. If your faith is weak, self-help books and seminars are not helping, you are trapped in addictions, have broken relationships, or are living day to day with no clear direction or purpose, this podcast is for you. It is a mix of solo shows and interviews that you will not want to miss. Visit Subscribe now and get ready to be Transformed by the Word!